0.13 10-Mar-2014

ReXSL Maven Plugin

This plugin is helping you to test your ReXSL-powered web application and perform some pre-packaging changes to your web assets (like CSS/XSL stylesheets, JavaScript code, etc.)

Read more about its usage.

The workflow of the plugin is this:

  • Statically analyze the content of src/main/webapp and fail if any prohibited content found there, for example incorrectly formatted CSS stylesheet or web.xml file not compliant to its XSD schema.

  • Perform XSL transformations on all xml files found in src/test/rexsl/xml (using your XSL stylesheets attached to them) and validate that resulting HTML documents are compliant to the rules of W3C and your groovy files found in src/test/rexsl/xhtml.

  • Run all pre-start groovy scripts from `src/test/rexsl/bootstrap from plugin class loader.

  • Start Java servlet container (Jetty) with your classes and resources, emulating its real deployment to a real container.

  • Run all startup data initializing groovy scripts from src/test/rexsl/setup, inside the container and in its class loader.

  • Run all groovy tests found in src/test/rexsl/scripts.

  • Shutdown the container and report success.

Of course, at any step build may fail.

Detailed list of all checks is here.

There are a number of cookbook advices, which will help:

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