0.13.3 10-Apr-2014

ReXSL core module

There are two classes that you should use in your project (both of them are always mandatory): RestfulServlet and XsltFilter. Use them in WEB-INF/web.xml:


RestfulServlet is responsible for handling of JAX-RS requests and converting your JAXB annotated classes into XML documents.

XsltFilter is converting XML output documents into XHTML when necessary.

This dependency you add to pom.xml (or download rexsl-core-0.13.3.jar and add it to classpath):


Also take a look at rexsl-page, which helps to build RESTful XML pages.

Stylesheet annotation enables re-configuration of XSL stylesheet name for a JAXB-annotated object.

Schema annotation lets you set the name of XML Schema of a JAXB-annotated object.

ExceptionTrap servlet helps you to catch all uncaught exceptions and manage them gracefully, showing some information to your end-users.

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